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TeknoFloor S Universal Deck

 It is suitable for dry bulk loads, palltes-palletless up to 45 tonnes. The thickness of the aluminum deck varies depending on the application. It is recommended for applications such as overhead loading, high speed unloading etc. In general, the following product types are applied;
Cartons, carrots, chopped alfalfa, carrots, carrots, chopped carrots, pickled alfalfa, alfalfa, aluminum chips and scrap, animal scraps, straw, oyster shells, cloth, dress, organic fertilizer, corn cob, corn, cotton, feed, crates, crushed shell, rubber, chopped rubber, rubber, paper rolls, palettes, glass, gravel, pellet, ice, snow, fertilizer,  organic material, pelletized dry cargo, peas, potato, beet, plastic, recycled electrical materials, stone, rock, earth, etc.
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