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We have produced better loading and unloading system! We invented a new way to load and unload your trailer, lorry, truck ... We created a universal solution for you, whatever your load are, with palette, palette-less, bulk material whatever. We have no excuse for your load! For many years in our country and in the world we have been using the tipped vehicle, gravity, which is a primitive method for unloading the cargo. TeknoLoad is a modern, safe, economical, profitable, fast and trouble-free way to load and unload your loads by horizantal.
Especially in the scrap, forest products, garbage, recycling, agriculture and mining industries, the bulk carriers are made with tippers with max. 35 m3 load volume and 8 meter length and they can only be loaded and unloaded in areas where there is sufficient height. TeknoLoad horizantal sliding floor  system allows the producers to automatically and safely loading and unloading horizontally within minutes, with regular, irregular, proportional, disproportionately anywhere with a trailer of 100-120 m3 in volume and to 18 meters in length.
In addition, with pallete, palet-less, box, roll; or any large volume dry load, we can load and unload 10-15 times faster than existing systems without leaving a single cm2 gap in your vehicle! We are safe, fast and free from all probability that will harm your vehicle. We load and unload your vehicle in 3-9 minutes in one go, especially in shuttles, which means you can earnings up to 80%!
We provide loading and unloading security!
We load and unload without lifting the load!
What is TeknoLoad horizontal loading and unloading system;
The TeknoFloor horizontal loading and unloading system working operation principle is to load and unload all kinds of loads using friction; 3 aluminum profile groups with high wear resistance laid on the floor of a trailer are moved by a hydraulic system through a specially designed bearing system; one group moving two groups staying method and to move loads 3 group of floor moving the some direction together. You can do both loading and unloading within 3-4 minutes. It is suitable for all load types.
We are produce and install teknofloor horizontal loading and unloading system equipments for trailer owners and trailer manufacturers, the system can be applied to old-new trailers. In order to use your vehicle at maximum load in this system, we are using low weighted and the best wear resistant materials.
TeknoLoad; tekno floor, moving floor, live floor or cargo floor loading and unloading systems; depending on the usage pattern of the customer, applications are made from high strength aluminum extruded profiles, steel profiles and various hard abrasive materials widths and thickness. The number of profile groups is 3 and each group consists of 3 to 7 profiles.
TeknoLoad using  special moving floor technology for all agricultural products loading and unloading applications, gained popularity in the short term with high efficiency and cost advantages in the agricultural sector. Especially cereals, legumes, fodder, straw, vegetables, fruits…..
Teknoload horizontal loading and unloading live flor systems provide by a single vehicle, more load, and more full mileage for the companies in recycling and scrap sectors; for loading and unloading plastic, metal, rubber, automotive parts, garbages, paper ..
For paper sector; you are now have more comfortable horizantal loading and unloading system for your bigger paper rolls…
For Waste & Recycling ; increased vehicle load volumes and reduced the waste transportation costs…
Mining, construction sectors, increased the load volumes,  horizantal teknofloor loading system can load and unload even if in the tunnel…
For the asphalt sector, more volumes and  proportional unloading facilities…
Teknoload horizantal loading and unloading system;  load and unload durable faster and more safely, protecting your costs and products. We provide 100% job security for your employees…
We can load and unload your cold chain products up to 10 times faster than your traditional systems
For retail industry; we are loading and unloading all your pelleted and palletless products 10 times faster. Stop vehicle queues in front of the your warehouse…..
Food and water sector; you can load and unload all your products 10 times faster and do not leave a single square foot space in the vehicle….
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